Yesterday was a big storm again and we lost the Internet, we had no phone or television all evening. So I thought I should stop procrastinating and start packing. Funny thing that a year ago I wanted this day to come as soon as possible and now I wish I could stop the time and stay at home little longer. Alas, I don’t have such mutant power and it seems that time has accelerated recently.

Today I’m going to Olsztyn again to leave some documents for translation, then back home. I promised my mum to bake chocolate cake before I go. My brother and his girlfriend are coming from Poznan to wave goodbye. I found a bottle of wine in my wardrobe when I was going through my stuff (what was it doing there?!), so we’ll have small family dinner. Then back to packing.

Happy Ending by The Phoenix Foundation was my soundtrack yesterday when I was filling up my suitcase. Especially I love this song, Gandalf. Seems suitable, since he’s a synonym of a journey and adventure, according to The Hobbit.

Full gig here.

4 responses to “packing

  1. Best of luck with your travel plans. I look forward to hearing how you enjoy being down under! Australia is lovely! And New Zealand will be so exciting for the world cup!

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