sometimes you just want to stay at home and watch films

Yeah, I had a lazy Monday. Both guys went to work and I wasn’t in the mood for exploring the area (I’ll have plenty of time to do that), so I watched the first series of Ricky Gervais’s Extras, went to buy some stuff at the shopping centre near our home and in the evening, when G. and then P. came back, we watched some TV. It’s starting to get to me where I am, when on the news they talk about Aborigines and the first place they show you during the weather forecast is Australia.

Today I also had my first homesick moment. When I was going through the shelves in a shop and checking out the prices of food here and how expensive it is and how I’ll have to be careful with my money in NZ and then I remembered a full fridge at home in Poland and saw an elderly couple doing the shopping together, I pictured my parents doing that and I started to miss them very much at that moment. I think I need to make a proper dinner tomorrow to console myself!

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