from Gympie back to Kippa-Ring


I think it was my favourite day of that excursion. We got up pretty early, ate delicious breakfast – porridge and then bacon and scrambled eggs and were ready to go. We didn’t go to explore Gympie, which had its best moments during the Gold Rush (I just found out that it used to be called Nashville!). The boys took me up north-west to Rainbow Beach. It’s called like that because of different colours of the sand.

First, we stopped up at the sand dunes. The colour of the sky was so intense in contrast with the bright beige sand. It wasn’t until I saw this photo when I believed I was there and it wasn’t photoshopped. This is this kind of picture that you see in one of your friend’s facebook albums and you think why you don’t have such holidays like your friend. Well, now I have.

Yes, they were that big!

Then we drove down to the beach and I had my first encounter with the Pacific Ocean.

Then I wetted not only my feet.

me in the Pacific 😛

More photos from Rainbow Beach on the photoblog.

Before it got dark, we went to Inskip Point where you could see Fraser Island and the ferry. Water there was peaceful and there were some people camping, fishing etc.

Then just a quick look at a small town Tin Can Bay and the low-tide and onto our way back home.

Obligatory road sign photo:

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