Glass House Mountains and Kings Beach

I spent Thursday and Friday relaxing, looking through photos and catching up on emails. I saw Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year on tv here (this episode) and totally fell for Hamish.

But on SATURDAY, we got up early (6:30!) and hit the road to Glass House Mountains, because G. said it would be bad idea to climb Tibrogargan (on the left; 364 m) when it’s too hot at noon.

We got to the Park and going up the hill was exhausting, but after I had some rest the climbing part was a great fun. I felt like a cat climbing up a tree not worrying about how I will go down. The view was amazing! You could see forest plantations, some ponds and the ocean very far away.

The coming down was a bit tricky and it seemed to take less time than climbing up (not that I rolled down or anything like that 😉 ).

Then we went to Kings Beach in Caloundra.

The water was a bit colder than a couple days earlier, but I went for a swim anyway. And guess who else was in the water? Some Poles from Wroclaw and Warsaw! I didn’t suspect it’d make me so happy to find someone to talk to in Polish just after three weeks here.

I got back home very tired.

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