three bridges

The weather is getting better. For the last couple days it’s been raining and has been a bit chilly. We went again by bikes to the coast. This time on the south to see the bridges to Brisbane.

Then in the evening I was invited to my friend’s church, a lot smaller than the Mueller, for a Talent show. It’s organized every Friday to collect money for children camps. I was surprised to see a Christmas tree there and I was told they’ve got Christmas in July! I was also sorry I didn’t have my recorder with me, because there was one girl who sang her own songs and they were beautiful!

I thought I should have learned by now that wherever I go, I should take my camera and recorder with me.

Tomorrow is going to be pretty exciting day. First, I’m learning how to make scones, then we’re going to explore Brisbane and the All Blacks vs. Wallabies in the evening. When I came to Australia and G. told me he got the tickets for the game about a month ago, I thought, “Wow, there is still so much time until I see it!” And I can’t believe it’s already tomorrow!

4 responses to “three bridges

  1. Still kicking over there? I stumbled upon your blog through a long train of random happenstance, and read it all. Are you back in Poland now? How was your trip?

    • Hey! Thanks for leaving the comment! Did you really read it all?! Hard to believe.

      I’m back in Europe. I’m living in London now and saving for my trip back to the Southern Hemisphere, because the trip was awesome!

      • Well It seems I forgot about my comment, I had thought I would be alerted by email when a reply came, but alas.

        How were the holidays? Also, where to next?

      • Thanks for coming back! How are you?

        My holidays were quiet and relaxing. I needed it, because I was working many hours to put aside some money for my holidays in February. I’m going to a not very popular politically, but still beautiful geographically country, Israel.

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