Auckland Museum

Thanks to ear-plugs, I could sleep in. I feel like I’m a kid at a camp again with all those people around in my room. Mostly I hear German or Italian. One girl said, she had an aunt from Poland. She knows two words in Polish, “Na zdrowie” and “K… mać”, which mean “Cheers!” and the equivallent of “”.

After breakfast, it was still raining, so I decided to stay indoors. I took Inner Link (a green bus) to Auckland Museum ($5 for backpackers) and spent most of my day there visiting three levels for a couple of hours. There are lots of Maori artefacts, some Pacific Islands and New Zealand history, NZ wars, Kiwis in WWI and WWII and natural history.

I left the Museum at about 5 p.m., the weather got better. I walked through Auckland’s Domain. It was cold, like late autumn in Poland when your nose gets cold and you feel that winter is coming. Here’s the opposite, it’s leaving and you can spot spring flowers, like daffodils.

There was still some time to the sunset and I thought I’d manage to go to the Sky Tower and see the sunset from there, but when I finally got to the Tower it was pretty late and I’d have to stand in a queue to buy a ticket, so I decided not to risk and try the next day, if the weather allows.

4 responses to “Auckland Museum

    • Yes, the Museum is nice, but Te Papa is better. Now I know.

      I’m waiting for a nice weather and a good view for Sky Tower. I still have some time to do it. 🙂

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