Auckland here and there

SUNDAY, 4th Sept.

If it wasn’t for H., I’d have never known how beautiful Auckland could be.

She picked me up at 11 a.m. and we had brunch, delicious Eggs Benedict in one of the restaurants by the waterfront. She showed me wonderful beaches of Mission Bay, St Heliers Bay and Kohimarama in between. The newest volcano in the background, Rangitoto.

We finally had a great sunny day, so we climbed Mt Eden, which is actually a volcano (the road was still closed, but pedestrians could walk up there)

And then One Tree Hill, or rather “Non-Tree Hill” (yep, it’s also U2’s song’s title). Read the story about that hill.

People ‘write’ different things out of rocks collected on the hill.

And those white animals next to ‘Bungalow’ on the right are sheep. There were a lot of them on that hill in the middle of Auckland.

Then we stopped by at Circus Circus in Mt Eden Village for a cup of coffee and something sweet. It was the winner of the 2010 best cafes award.

It was getting too late again to go to the Sky Tower to see the sunset, so H. took me somewhere else to see it.

Not far from that place there was a great marina, I think it was Westhaven Marina.

And to finish the day with a bit of surprise H. took me to Devonport to see Auckland by night.

Next time I’m in Auckland, I’m going to visit Devonport. It seemed to be a really nice place, but everything was already closed when we got there.

The hostel was getting busy with new backpackers. The kitchen was full and I couldn’t even make tea, because there was no free cup! I decided to go to bed earlier that night, because I had to catch the only direct bus to Waitomo at 7:30 a.m.

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