All Blacks V The Phoenix Foundation

THURSDAY, 29th Sept.

I still have three levels of Te Papa to see, but Thursday wasn’t the best day to go there, because the weather was so lovely that I just went for a walk along the waterfront. There are many little shops by the water. I went into Maori Arts Gallery and was surprised how cheap they had souvenirs which are sometimes twice more expensive at Visitor Centres. I was about to pay for a gift for my mum, when I heard the seller’s voice “Hey, you! I know who you are. Come here!” I looked up and I saw Ali Williams coming into the shop! He was so tall that he had to bow his head to get through the door frame. He was dressed casually, a t-shirt and shorts with jersey tied over his hips. He was smiling, looking around and humbly did whatever you asked him for. It happened so unexpected! I took my journal out and gave him to sign it. The lady gave him her Visitor Book.

Ali was still signing her book, when she said, “Oh! There’s that pretty one!” And someone or maybe it was me said, “That’s Dan Carter!” He was on the quay already signing and being photographed, but there weren’t many people around him. I took my journal and he signed it too.

I totally forgot that I had a camera in my phone, but it was so fast. I was also surprised he was my height and even more handsome in person, very gentle and patient. When there was no one around him, he looked around and run away 😀 Or maybe he was jogging and he was disturbed by his fans and just continued what he had been doing. 😛

I went back to the shop to finish the business and now every time my mum will be wearing that little gift I’ll be remembering the day when I met two All Blacks. 🙂

When I left, the lady stood out in front of her shop in hope to see more players. I took a walk along Cuba Street.

My possible future carrier?


Late afternoon, I spent at the Library. They have free WiFi, if you use your own computer, but you have to log in every 30 minutes. Very annoying but it’s better than paying $4 per hour at the internet café.

After dinner at the hostel, I went to the Rugby Village Fanzone. The Phoenix Foundation gave a free concert and they were great, as usual.

You can hear it yourself. I love their new song, Supernatural, which is at about 27min30sec.

More my photos and someone’s videos I found on YouTube are on my other website. After the concert I talked to Luke, Sam and Richie. Last time I saw them it was in London in February this year and now I’m here. Luke admitted it was weird to see me here, but also great. True. I couldn’t believe that as well.

Another portion of TPF I’ll have on Friday.

4 responses to “All Blacks V The Phoenix Foundation

  1. You even met rugbymen and he recognized you? Come on!
    I’m glad you could talk with TPF again! HOW COOL! I’m gonna listen to that another time, but it’s sounds exciting!

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