The Phoenix Foundation and Fabulous/Arabia

FRIDAY, 7th October

More and more rugby fans were arraving in Wellington for the Quarter Finals. I checked out from my hostel in the morning, but I chilled out in the launge, then went to the Library. I was waiting for my hosts to come back home from work, so I could leave my bag and go to see The Phoenix Foundation at the Fanzone and later Fabulous/Arabia at Mighty Mighty.

Later that afternoon I got a text from J. they were back. J.&R. are my second CouchSurfing hosts. They’re a young couple living on Mt Cook at the end of upper Cuba Street. She’s a New Zealander a couple years younger than me and he’s from the Netherlands (a very hard accent which my ear had to tune into). R. is in my age. He came for his friends’ wedding over three years ago and met J., found a job and so he’s still here. They’re planning to go to South America next year for a six week holiday.

Wellington is a very small world. R. used to share a flat with The Phoenix Foundation’s manager, Matt and sometimes Dan from The Black Seeds visited their place. 😀

We had pizza for dinner and I rushed to the Rugby Village Fanzone. J.&R. joined me later. I was late, so I missed recording first two songs, “Let Me Die A Woman” and “Bitte Bitte”. The rest is all here. The set was similar to the one from last week but in a different order. And they played “Supernatural” again, which I already love.

The crowd was bigger than the week before and luckily the weather got better, although it was still pretty cold. The guys seemed to enjoy themselves.

After the concert I met up with J.&R. They were tired and decided not to go to the Mighty Mighty with me. They gave me the key to his home and said, I could come back whenever I wanted.

I was early enough at the Mighty Mighty to find a seat. Slowly the bar was filling up with the people from the Fanzone. Going pass the bar, I saw Warner Emery, ex-bass player of The Phoenix Foundation. I was wondering what he was doing now, because I haven’t heard about him for a while. As I found out later, he was a supporting act. He got dressed up in a funny suit, wore sunglasses and a witch nose. He played not my type of music, but if you were interested in listening to it, I can still send you the link.

Fabulous/Arabia started playing at around 11:30 p.m. The band consists of Mike Fabulous, who plays the guitar in The Black Seeds (and of course there are many other projects he’s involved in) and Lawrence Arabia whose real name is James Milne. They’ve just released an album, Unlimited Buffet. Mike made music to James’s lyrics and they’re giving just three concerts in New Zealand in Wellington, Auckland and Nelson. The CD is great, but live is even better. It was pretty loud, but I think the recording came out quite well.

I found a video with a song Southern Gentleman from this show.

Some better photos in an awesome photoset on flickr, but not mine. I decided to stay in one place to have a decent sound. I saw there were photographers, so I was hoping some good shots will come up on the internet anyway.

After the concert I talked to Luke from The Phoenix Foundation and then Hayden from the band which had just played, I was introduced to James Milne, saw other guys from TPF, Nige from WIUO and there were probably many more musicians that I wasn’t aware of.

It was already 1:30 a.m. when I left the Mighty Mighty. I didn’t want to be too late at my new hosts’. Besides, it was too much for my fangirl heart.

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