The Woolshed Sessions and The Yoots

SUNDAY, 9th October

The intoxication continues.

Another late night resulted with another late morning. I was really deep in my work on my blog when I realized it was already time to go and see The Woolshed Sessions. Walking closer to the stage in Courtenay Place, I heard their first chords.

In half an hour there were the Yoots to play (recommended by Mike Fabulous), so J.&R. and me waited in one of the cafes near the stage. I ordered kumara chilli fries. Yum!

Soon we saw the band taking the stage. I saw again a couple familiar faces, like Dan from WIUO and Will from The Phoenix Foundation.

Their songs were singalongs, so there was a board with lyrics to help the audience with the singing.

Or sometimes there were songs with motions

They finished before 6 p.m. I caught Dan to sign my WIUO EP, because I didn’t meet him on Thursday. He was better now and he told me he always wanted to visit Poland. I was surprised and honoured! 😀

I wanted to see The Nudge and thought they would be playing later, but then I found the schedule and they had already played at 1 a.m. Maybe another time I’ll be more lucky.

At 6 p.m. the streets of Wellington got empty and quiet. The capital and 25,000 visitors were watching rugby, Springboks being beaten by the Wallabies. I watched the match back at home. Dan recommended me another jazz band playing that evening at Happy, but when I got home, I felt comfortable and lazy and didn’t want to go outside anymore. Besides, I had to watch the All Blacks and Piri Weepu being awesome.

Right, I finally caught up with my blog. It’s Monday. I’m still at my hosts who are at work now and I just have to shut the door behind me. It’s already afternoon. My bags are packed and I’ve decided to stay two more nights in Wellington. The YHA was too expensive for me now ($37.50 per night!), so I booked at the Cambridge Hotel using my new BBH card ($22 per night).

You’ve got a lot to listen to before my next post, so enjoy them all!

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