from Franz Josef to Queenstown

TUESDAY, 1st November

Can you believe that this photo was taken the next day after getting wet on the glacier? The South Island is making me crazy with its weather!

You could clearly see beautiful mountains around Franz Josef township and this was the day when we were leaving. We started getting into this routine of being on the road, another motel, another complementary muffin… not really, but it would be nice to get one from time to time.

Next stop was Lake Matheson near the Fox Glacier after conquering winding road. B. was an amazing driver! But we didn’t take the whole 1.5 hrs walk around the lake, just a short one to the nearest view point, which was pity, because the best view of the lake was from the other side. Our goal was to get to Queenstown at reasonable hour. I’m guessing the mountain on the left is Mt Cook.

More views from the road. Fox Glacier. View from the Historic Bridge.

As soon as the girls saw a beach, we stopped, they changed into swimming costumes, took their towels and lied flat on the beach. It was windy, I don’t like sunbathing and wasn’t in the mood for it. It wasn’t a good spot for swimming too, and I was a bit angry that we were in a hurry at the Lake and now we stopped doing nothing, but I guess B. needed some sleep after driving through a difficult road. I took a walk along the beach to avoid being eaten by sandflies. And I had an interesting encounter. I met a woman catching whitebait. It was the end of the season, so she didn’t have much, but it was nice to talk to her.

The road from that point was much easier to drive on and it was really beautiful with small and bigger waterfalls. To some falls you had to walk and some were literally falling next to the road.

Roaring Billy Falls

In Wanaka, we had burgers and chips outside and I got new friends. They were eating from my hand! I love sparrows.

Wanaka is a pretty town thanks to its location. It’s by Lake Wanaka with mountains in the background.

It was our last day with Spanish J. He wanted to stay in Wanaka a couple days, so we said goodbyes and head down to Queenstown. I quickly forgot about Wanaka, when I saw Queenstown. But about that city more in the next post, because it was already an evening and we just found our hostel and made ourselves comfortable. In the kitchen there was still some free soup, which I really enjoyed although it was a bit hot. Some people were watching Blow with Johnny Depp. It was funny to see Cliff Curtis, a Maori actor playing a Columbian baddie. Maori actors need a job, too, right?

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