from Te Anau to Invercargill

FRIDAY, 4th November

That was the day when my Chilean friends’ and my roads parted. I was on my own again.

We left rain and snow behind.

The closer the centre of the Island we were, the warmer it was. Gore was very sunny and hot when we arrived. B. took a short nap and was ready to drive for another couple hours to Dunedin after that. I decided to go further south, though, because I gained on time travelling by car and got to the bottom of the Island quicker than I had planned. I had time now to go to Invercargill and even Stewart Island!

They left me at the Visitor Centre at about 2 p.m. It was in the same building as the Museum. It was interesting to see skull and crossbones at the front of the building.

My bus was before 5 p.m., so after we had said goodbyes and gave hugs, I went to the Centre, left my luggage for safe keeping (free!) and then went to look for Green Room Café. It was on Irk Street next to the cinema. The coffee was good and the café was a cozy place which protected me from rain and cold which came about an hour later. It was blowing very cold arctic wind and I didn’t want to go to the bus stop.

My bus was late and it wasn’t just me who was freezing on the cold. I bought a pie to warm my hands up.

From Gore to Invercargill is just one hour. The weather wasn’t as bad as in Gore, so when I checked in at the Southern Comfort Backpackers (a VERY good one! Like home), I went to see if I can find any familiar places which I had seen in a facebook album of “Two Little Boys”, a new film by Robert Sarkies with Hamish Blake and Bret McKenzie. And I think I found something!

In the evening, I watched “The World’s Fastest Indian” about Burt Munro and his motorbike. He was from Invercargill and you can see the motor at E. Hayes & Sons Ltd, one of the hardware shops. I didn’t go to see it, because it was too late and the shop was closed.

I really admired Burt’s determination to persue his dreams.

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