MONDAY, 7th November

I came back to Invercargill by plane. But I wasn’t in a hurry, so I used my internet voucher first and then took the plane at 1:30 pm (the plane flies three times a day from Stewart Island to Invercargill).

A shuttle from Oban to the airport was included in the price of the ticket. It wasn’t that far and was very enjoyable. It was only me again taking the way back to the South Island.

It was my first time when I travelled that small plane. I immediately thought of Maggie O’Connell from Northern Exposure (anyone remembers that tv show?)

When everyone got off the plane and took their luggage, the pilot asked me a weird question where I wanted to go. I replied that Invercargill! He laughed and asked again where I wanted to sit. I did a mental head slap and thought I made a fool of myself again. I blame him, though, because he was tall, young and handsome. There was only me, so I could sit wherever I liked! Almost. I couldn’t sit next to him, but right behind him.

The weather was beautiful again. The take off was a little bit bumpy, but still amazing and once we were below the clouds, the rest of the flight was like sliding on butter.


Horseshoe Bay

Mount Anglem (979 m), the highest mountain on Stewart Island

the South Island

I don’t know why, but closer to the coast, the water rapidly changed its colour

Invercargill, the main roundabout

the Museum and Queens Park

the landing

In Invercargill, I took a long walk from the airport to the hostel. I didn’t want to spend money on taxi. It took me about 45 min, but I was more tired than after walking all day in Stewart Island. It was very hot and I needed some time to take a shower and rest when I finally got to the backpackers and picked up my bag. The hostel was cool, nice and empty. I thought it would be only me in my dorm room, but there was one Japanese when I came back from a walk around the city.

First, I went to see Burt Munro’s motorbikes.

Then I looked for an open café and found Zookeepers Café. Its climate reminded me Midnight Espresso, so I felt comfortable there right from the beginning. The coffee wasn’t as good as in Wellington, but good enough to put me back straight.

The last place I visited that day was Queens Park. The Museum next to the entry to the Park was closed, but I could see tuataras through the glass wall. I don’t know if it was 114 year old Henry, because there were a couple of tuataras there.

The Park was pretty and relaxing.


More animals, there was deer, picocks, sheep and ostrich

and wallabies!

In front of the Museum

When I came back to the backpackers, guess who I saw in the kitchen? D., my Italian friend! I was lucky. He was finishing cooking dinner and was about to throw some pasta to the boiling water, so he threw some more for me. I had unexpected Italian dinner and we could catch up on what we had been doing after we split up and he went with the Chileans to Dunedin and me to Stewart Island. 🙂

I’m posting some photos I took two days later in Invercargill too, for the sake of integrity.

Dee Street

Theatre and Town Hall

The sculpture which is actually a sundial. Can you see it?

Water Tower

You thought it was a real bird and a cat, didn’t you? I did at first.

4 responses to “Invercargill

  1. Yes, I remember Maggie O’Connell (Northern Expsosure). I loved that show so much that for one of my birthdays my ex planned a surprise weekend trip to the set of Northern Exposure. I will have to send you the photos sometime. We had lunch at the Brick, we shopped in Ruth Anns general store, we went to the radio station. It was so fun.

    Back to your trip. I’m so glad that you met back up with your italian friend. How cool is that?

    Your photos are always so great. I always get excited when I see the links to your blog on FB.

    Mental head slap?! hahaha. You are too funny. What’s a girl to do when you have a pilot flaunting his good looks & personality? Eh? Your views on the flight were pretty amazing. I mean the ones out the window, that is. I remember taking a flight in a small plane like that from Maui to Moloka’i and on the seaplane in Alaska. On the Maui-Moloka’i flight they weighed us and told us where to sit. It was hilarious. I was dying of laughter and my ex was scared to death. I sat behind the pilot and watched him use what looked like a hand brake. The whole thing was pretty funny. I will never forget it. Great views on that flight across the channel.

    Better let you go, you’ve got things to do and people to see.

    Enjoy. Happy travels.


    • Visiting the set of NE was one of my dreams when I was a teen! I’d still love to see the places the show was filmed. It was around Seattle, wasn’t it? Now I envy you!

      Thank you, Karen! I always love your comments. :-*

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