ferry back to Welly

I’m back in London fighting with sleep and will give up as soon as I post this entry.

I thought I should finish the story. Will it have a happy ending?

FRIDAY, 18th November

The bus from Christchurch to Picton via Kaikoura was late, but when I saw the driver, all was forgiven. Graham jumped off the bus and asked me “No pie?”, so I was kinda obliged to go and buy one, since we had still some spare time before the departure. I tried a seafood pie, which was really good with pieces of crabs, shrimps, but I didn’t like the mussel bit.

I was really happy that I could take my last trip on the South Island together with Graham. It was our 4th ride and just felt right. The road was along the coast and it was so beautiful. We passed seals playing in the Ocean or having a rest on the rocks. There were many road works on the way, which were making the bus late, but I trusted that Graham would get us safely and before my ferry to Wellington departs.

The vineyards of Marlborough

We were late about 20 minutes, but it was early enough to board the ferry on time.


Awesome weather for passing The Marlborough Sounds and Cook Strait.

When we were getting closer to Cook Strait, it started to rain.

Goodbye, the South Island!

Hello, Wellington!

After getting off the ferry and going out to the streets of Wellington, I got a headache from the noise of the traffic. I wasn’t aware how quiet the South Island was until I left it. That was the only moment when I didn’t like Wellington.

I took the shuttle from the terminal to the Railway Station and from there I went to the backpackers. This time I stayed at Lodge in the City on Taranaki Street; only $15 for a bed in a 10 bed dorm room. It wasn’t very tragic, but the kitchen was a real mess and it was a party hostel. I went to find some peace in the library, but when I came back in the evening, no one in the dining room was eating. They were drinking. When I went to bed, there was only one more person sleeping in my room, the rest of the guys were somewhere on Cuba Street.

4 responses to “ferry back to Welly

  1. Once again, thank you for taking the time to share your journey with us. I’ve really enjoyed your thoughts and photos. Finding myself a little sad that this chapter is coming to a close.

    Great Sounds pics, I was working in that bay in the fourth photo a wee while ago. I’d always enjoyed being out there but I had an encounter that deepened my appreciation for the area. I was working on the deck of the barge as we headed back to Picton, noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Looked over and a pod of porpoises was riding the wake not two feet from me.

    They followed us nearly all the way back to Picton. I think I’d taken for granted having such a place in my backyard, watching them coast along with such effortless grace gave me such a feeling of wonder but also a profound sorrow.

    Hah, I do ramble, this is your story, I should probably resist interjecting my maudlin anecdotes.

    Anyway, Graham and I will miss you.

    • No, I really enjoyed reading your story! That must have been so unforgettible!

      You live in a beautiful country and I’m not sorry a day spent there. There are still some days to write about and then I’ll have to come to terms with the fact that I’m not in New Zealand anymore.

      I’ll do my best to come back as soon as possible.

  2. Ojej! To już? Jak dla mnie – za krótko! Twój blog mi “towarzyszył”, a ja “towarzyszyłam” Tobie… Piękne widoki, sympatyczne teksty.
    Możesz pisać dalej – choćby ze Szczytna:-)!

    • No… już. I zgadzam się z Tobą – za krótko! 😦 A myślałam, że chcesz mnie z powrotem w Polsce! Jestem w Londynie i w sumie podróż trwa dalej, ta życiowa, chociaż w tym momencie dni może nie są tak intensywne i ciekawe jak w Nowej Zelandii, ale zawsze coś się znajdzie do napisania.

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