the last day in Auckland

FRIDAY, 2nd December

I was proud of myself when I dropped off the car. Even though I got lost leaving Te Atatu, I managed to find my way to the rental in the centre of Auckland.

It was late morning and I was going to have ‘thank you and farewell’ dinner with H. in the evening. After I made a round around the shops, I went to the library to wait for H. there… and to use the Internet.

We didn’t actually know where to go for dinner and we hadn’t booked a table in the Orbit Revolving Restaurant in Sky Tower, so when H. finally came over, she took me to Mexican Cafe on Victoria Street near Sky City. It was quite busy and we had to wait about 15-20 min for the table, but it wasn’t that bad considering it was Friday evening. What else could I order in a Mexican restaurant in New Zealand if not fish tacos? 😉

I had been putting away my visit in the Sky Tower for so long that it was now or never (until the next time). As soon as we finished eating, we went to buy the tickets. As a backpacker (I had to show my BBH card), it cost me $18.

This photo wasn’t made on green screen and I wasn’t flying. I was standing on a glass floor. 38 mm thick, as strong as the concrete I was standing on. Main Observation Level, 186 metres (610 feet).

Sky Desk 220 metres (722 feet). One Tree Hill

Leaning on the glass wall was more scary than standing or jumping on the glass floor.

Auckland was getting nicer…

I didn’t know that Santa’s reindeers eat Weet-Bix.

Then H. took me near Ponsonby Rd to show me one more world famous in New Zealand street, Franklin Rd. First houses had already been decorated. People were walking up and down the road, just like us and admiring the lights. By Christmas the whole road will be glowing and very busy.

H. said that it all started from this house

Some of my favourites and more exotic: surfing Santa and a palm tree as a Christmas tree

dolphin and a tree that can be taken as pohutukawa

“Today is the Present”

The party is outside

the Christmas tree was made of suitcases

There was something missing… Oh, yeah! There was no snow! It would be much prettier with some snow and H. said that some people sometimes shoot fake snow from their windows.

And that was my last full day in New Zealand.

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