blank pages

The pages in my physical diary are blank now. I can only blame myself, because I spend most of my days at home, because I don’t have money to go out and sometimes I miss something, like I found out about a week later that four All Blacks (Richie, Israel, Sam and Ali) had been signing stuff at Harrods here in London. It was easier to run on them in New Zealand than here. I just realised that in London there as twice as many people as in the whole New Zealand. Just in London! I feel claustrophobic.

I can always borrow some money from my dad, but it’s not cool and I don’t like this feeling of dependancy either. And it’s embarrassing to eat from my sister’s fridge without putting anything into it. There are so many flavours in this city and I can’t taste them. I think this is one of the strongest motivations why I finally started looking for a job, online so far and in language schools. I’m not really convinced about my English abilities, but some of my native English speaking friends said that my English is pretty good and I heard that my students back in Poland miss me, so I guess I’m a good teacher. Having been encouraged in those areas, I’m thinking of trying to find a job as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language. And I’ll be also looking for any other job, like a shop assistant, barista, dancer… maybe not. 😉

My days haven’t been completely dull and idle. Last weekend I spent with my friend from England and my sister’s ears could rest a little from my talking about New Zealand. I’m a boring company, because I don’t have anything to say now apart from what it’s like down there.

My friend didn’t mind listening to me… I hope… In fact she’s the one I can blame for my NZ music craze. You should visit her website, Kiwis With Instruments to see how much she loves that music!

Anyway, we spent a lot of time walking around the streets of London. I had a chance to drink again my favourite flat white in Soho, which wasn’t as good as the one from Midnight Espresso. 😉 If you want to eat Chinese food in Chinatown, don’t go anywhere but Wonk Kei (sweet and sour chicken is the best although some may prefer roast duck). And we visited the market on Brick Lane and then saw Wilhem Sasnal’s exhibition in the Whitechapel Gallery. Mr Sasnal is Polish. 🙂

On Saturday, I saw a huge bunch of Santas on skates on Trafalgar square.

This is my last post from England this year. Yesterday, winter tyres arrived, which meant we could go to Poland for Christmas. Before that we weren’t sure if we spend this holiday at home. We’re leaving in the middle of the night to catch a ferry at 6 am. In Poland, Christmas Eve is the most important time of celebration, so we should make it on time to share a wafer with my parents and grandma and listen to my cats talking at midnight.

2 responses to “blank pages

  1. It’s very strange for me to read you referring to ‘here’ as ‘down there’! If you miss us you can always visit Kiwifruits near Pall Mall ( – I used to go there to get my L&P fix when I lived in London. Alas I don’t think they stock Hokey Pokey icecream :o( Meantime, don’t go standing in the middle of the road anymore, like you did in Nelson Lakes!

    • And for me it’s very sad to write ‘here’ as ‘up here’. Thanks for the link! I’ll surely visit the shop to buy some Whittaker’s chocolate and L&P of course, although the prices are crazy!

      I’m scared of crossing the road, not mentioning standing in the middle of it!

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