Christchurch – A Year (and ten months) On

What’s a better way to spend Christmas than updating your long forgotten blog while house-sitting and looking after your sister’s cats? I can’t promise I’ll spam you with posts, but I’d want to move on with reporting some events before this year is over and a new year brings new things. That’s one of my New Year’s resolutions, to update my blog more often and regularly… as long as there is something to write about.

Looking far back to February, on 22nd I went to see a charity screening of “When A City Falls”, a documentary about the earthquakes in Christchurch in 2010 and 2011.

As you can imagine, it squeezed some tears from my eyes. But I didn’t go there just as a viewer. Because it was a charity event, they needed volunteers to sell raffle tickets. They didn’t have to ask me twice. The prizes were amazing, like 8 day trip to Gallipoli for Anzac day or two sides of a New Zealand lamb. We sold many tickets, even Jarred Christmas bought some from me (a Kiwi comedian, he was in Pot Noodle ads, which some of them directed Taika Waititi), but he didn’t win anything. We raised approximately £13,000 for the people of Christchurch. The event was covered by TVNZ and it was on their news channel the next day. You can even see my back in the video at about 1:34. I was on NZ tv!

It was my first contact with a Kiwi community in London, which was exactly what I needed since leaving New Zealand in December 2011. The person who recruited volunteers for this event was also responsible for the volunteers at Kiwi House during the Olympics, but I’ll write about it another time.
Ngati Ranana

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