The Umbilical Brothers at Southbank Centre

I feel like I’m writing memoirs, not a blog, that’s how delayed I am! But maybe writing from some perspective is better? I can write without unnecessary and boring details and note down what was the most important and interesting.

With coming of the spring ’12 there were a few anticipated events, like concerts and a film festival, that they made me disappear from the online life, but I still want to write about them. Things were looking up in April: I found a new job at PAUL, got accepted as a volunteer at Sundance London Film and Music Festival and there were some other little things that made me extremely happy and if I hadn’t daydreamed enough before them, they took my mind for the rest of the year. And who knows what this spring can bring. A new job, definitely.

OK, I should finish my rumbling and tell you about seeing live Shane and Dave who form a comedy duo from Australia, The Umbilical Brothers. I missed their shows in Poland in 2010 or ’11, don’t remember and I was glad to see they were doing some shows at Southbank Centre in April. But only after I had bought a ticket on 6th April, I realised it was Good Friday. It wasn’t the best day to watch a comedy show, but since it was my last day of work in the hotel, I thought I should celebrate it and go anyway.

The guys were amazing. They came out to an empty stage with just one microphone, introduced themselves and started talking to us, interacting and before we noticed they were already in the middle of their program! They were going from sketch to sketch so smoothly that you thought it was still a conversation with the audience. Brilliant! Later they used some props like a stool or a board, but really they didn’t need much to create their own world with just words and sounds.


After the show there was a meet and greet, posing for photos with fans, signing DVDs etc. in the foyer. They were so down to earth, open and chatty, funny and generous with their time spent with people. Just as on stage they were natural, they were the same while talking with us. I took their autographs for me and also for my friend in Poland who told me about The Umbilical Brothers and showed some videos on You Tube, but she hasn’t seen them live yet. I wanted to send her a surprise.


They said they wanted to perform a different program, but Southbank Centre specifically asked for Don’t Explain, so maybe they’ll come back again with their newer material soon?

2 responses to “The Umbilical Brothers at Southbank Centre

  1. I saw them here in Aucks a few years ago – they were brilliant! Don’t remember the name of their show though so don’t know if it was the same one. Prob not tho eh?

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