Cardiff / Caerdydd

In February, I was working only at weekends at the RA shop. I was very surprised when I got my first salary which was almost the same as when I was working full time for PAUL. It just confirmed that I made the right move. Nevertheless, during working days I was leaving my CV in various cafes, emailing or filling up application forms online hoping to find something part time. And I did! With the beginning of March, I got a job in a shop very close to my home, a 10 min walk away. I was thrown into deep water there and since then I have been working 7 days a week, sometimes 12 or more hours a day (in both shops taken together), but before that I had a chance to take a deep breath. My Staffordshire friend had a few days of holiday left to use, so we picked Cardiff this time.

I wasn’t sure about the weather, but the forecast was very promising. On Tuesday March 5th, I took the National Express from Victoria Station at 8am and arrived in Cardiff at 11:25. When I got off the bus, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the breeze from the Bay reminded me how the fresh air could smell. I wasn’t in London anymore and I could really breathe. I instantly fell in love with this city and couldn’t stop taking pictures.

S&J came by car soon after I arrived. We spent all day taking the advantage of the beautiful weather and seeing everything outside and leaving museums and galleries for later, which was a good decision, because the weather got worse on the next day. I wish I could stay there longer. I don’t know why, but I felt that if not in London, this is the city I could live in Britain. Maybe because Cardiff Market reminded me Hala Mirowska in Warsaw or maybe because the access to the water is so enticing.

This is a rough selection of the photos I took.

March 5th & 6th

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