Burton, Derby, Nottingham, Sudbury Hall and Abbots Bromley

The week in the middle of April was quite intense: bombs at the Boston marathon, Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. So what do I do? Leave the city! The weekend of April 19-21, I spent visiting three counties: Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. On Friday afternoon I caught a train to my regular co-traveller friend and together we went to Burton upon Trent which is mostly famous for its brewery heritage and Marmite (yuk!) first factory was established there at the beginning of the 20th century. We didn’t stay there long, because we took a bus straight to Derby where we met our friend. We made a small tour around the town, had dinner at Brewery Tap, coffee at Bookcafe and some delicious beer at the best pub in Derby, The Exeter Arms owned by a local brewery Dancing Duck. There were many rooms to sit in, so we chose the oldest part of the house. I think I tasted Nice Weather, which had a strong rose flavour and Seduction, very nice dark one. I also had a sip of Dark Drake, a bit too dark, but yummy as well. The Brewery owns also The New Zealand Arms in Derby, so you understand they’re the overall winners. We spent the night at our friend’s place in Burton and went back to Derby on the next day. After seeing places we couldn’t see the evening before, we took a bus to Nottingham. We were lucky again with the weather. Late afternoon, we went back to my Staffordshire friend’s place and spent an evening watching series 1 of ‘Black Books‘. This is when I was introduced to Dylan Moran and my life has never been the same again. haha.

National Trust had this special weekend when you could print a voucher and see some of their estates for free, so after breakfast on Sunday, we went to Sudbury Hall where Pride and Prejudice, the BBC version with Colin Firth was filmed. We also visited Museum of Childhood there. On the way back we stopped by in Abbots Bromley to see reindeer antlers used during the Horn Dance in September every year.

I left Staffordshire having the rainbow outside my train window. I could watch this video on a loop.

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