Fat Freddy’s Drop at O2 Academy Brixton

It was the first weekend of October. That evening was a fail. Not because of the band, but because of my poor health. The band was great, people loved them and the show was sold out, but I was ill.

I don’t often get sick, maybe once every second year, but when I do, I just have to stay in bed for 2-3 days, because I don’t have enough strength to get up. On Friday I didn’t feel well and didn’t eat much. I tried to stay at work as long as I could, but when I started getting shivers, I thought it was time to leave early and go to bed. I spent whole Saturday in bed without eating hardly anything and I felt weak. But at the back of my mind I remembered I had a ticket to a concert that evening bought in summer and it cost me over £20, so it would be a great waste if I didn’t use it. Going to a crowded venue was the last thing I needed, so I thought that if I manage to go, maybe I’ll be able to sell the ticket and go back to bed.

So I did get up from bed, went to Brixton and once I got there, I thought I felt well enough to go inside. I managed to listen to the concert just for half an hour, because the crowd, the smell of sweat and smoked pot, loud music and flicking lights made me feel sick and weak again that if I stayed there any minute longer I’d faint. The fresh air outside woke me up. I decided not to torture myself going back inside and just went home.

Sorry, Fat Freddy’s Drop fans. I really wanted to film a full song, but I struggled to stand at all. Besides, the music was very loud so I’m not sure if my camera would bear it. Someone posted over 30 minute footage, so you can see how it was. The guys were great, but I was too sick to enjoy it. Here are just some screencaps from short videos I recorded.

FFD are playing at Alexandra Palace in October. It’s pretty far north from me, but who knows where I’ll be living by then? My housemates are expecting a baby and are looking for a house to buy. Changes… life…

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