Christmas 2013

December is always hectic for everyone, so I’m not going to complain here how busy I was. I didn’t have plans to go to Poland to spend Christmas with my family, because I didn’t have many holidays left to use and the ones I had, I wanted to use on my trip to Israel in February. I decided to take up as many shifts in the RA shop as possible to save some money for the trip, because I wanted to buy belated Christmas presents over there.

So, in the madness of working 7 days a week from 5am till 6 or even 10pm for about 3-4 weeks and pre-Christmas Christmas parties, I was invited to spend the Holiday far from London noise at my friends’ in Farnborough. It wasn’t that easy to get there, because there was a horrible storm on that day and most of the trains were delayed 1-2 hours or cancelled, so my friends decided to pick me up from home.

There were floods and power cut in South West, but luckily my friends had their own power generator, so we managed to prepare Christmas Eve supper and didn’t have to sit only by the candles. I know it’s not humble to say that I made really delicious gingerbread and two kinds of herring: in beetroot and sour cream.

Christmas Day was properly lazy: slept late, had light breakfast, quick walk in the forest (the weather wasn’t that nice), long and amazing Christmas dinner with my friends and their parents and then TV and drinks in the evening. My friend’s dad used to tour with Eric Clapton, so whenever I hear his music, I remember that Christmas.

Next day the weather was much better and we went for a longer walk. In the afternoon my friends drop me off back home right on time to catch the screening of ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ in the nearest cinema.

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