Petra, Jordan

It took me ages to select just twenty something photos from this trip.

Day 5 – 8th February 2014

The trip to Petra was optional and for an extra $200USD. Most people from our group had seen it already or weren’t interested, so they preferred to stay in Eilat and rest after a long drive the day before. However, two ladies from the group and me took this trip and we were joined by two Israeli women on the border.

Our Israeli tour guide told us we would be taken over by a Jordanian guide on the other side and she warned us to rush the guy on, because he liked stopping by for a cigarette very often and have long breaks. Unfortunately, the Israeli women were smokers, too, so at the end of the day, I felt we could have seen much more, but because of ‘smoke stops’, we were delayed. We managed to see the Treasury, which features in ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ movie and it was not that difficult to find it, because it is at the very entrance to the necropolis, but we did not get further down to the Monastery, which is bigger and more impressive as I can see in the photos now. We had one day tickets which cost us $100USD each, so I do not think I would be coming back there any time soon or ever and that left me very disappointed.

It was very interesting to see more of the Arab culture, but when we finally crossed the border and were back in Israel, I felt as if I came back home.

Here’s the fragment from the movie, to refresh your memory.

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