Hi, I’m Sylwia (pron. ‘sylvia’).
I’m from Masuria, a beautiful region in north-eastern Poland.

I’m a student, teacher, nanny, camp councellor and director, a photographer, sailor, ambassador’s secretary, missionary, radio presenter, cleaner, baker and above all these I’m a big fangirl.

At the moment, I’m fangirling New Zealand and this is where I have spent a few months recently. And want to go back there again. I started this blog to share with you with my down-under(er) adventure and will keep it alive as long as my life journey continues.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. I am…

With an old friend who invited me to a youth camp to talk about my trip to NZ to over 120 people.
Dymin, Poland, 2013
photo: Tomasz Iwanski

3 responses to “About

  1. po angielsku ;( a ja z angielskiego noga i to w dodatku lewa. w kazdym razie schöne Gruße aus Herne 🙂

    • Hej Ania! Również pozdrawiam!

      Ja niestety po niemiecku nie bardzo, mieszam z angielskim, ale obrazki będą, a jak coś to po polsku mogę wyjaśnić. Albo polecam Google Translate 🙂

      A tak w ogóle to napisałam, że za miesiąc lecę do Nowej Zelandii.

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