Yesterday was a big storm again and we lost the Internet, we had no phone or television all evening. So I thought I should stop procrastinating and start packing. Funny thing that a year ago I wanted this day to come as soon as possible and now I wish I could stop the time and stay at home little longer. Alas, I don’t have such mutant power and it seems that time has accelerated recently.

Today I’m going to Olsztyn again to leave some documents for translation, then back home. I promised my mum to bake chocolate cake before I go. My brother and his girlfriend are coming from Poznan to wave goodbye. I found a bottle of wine in my wardrobe when I was going through my stuff (what was it doing there?!), so we’ll have small family dinner. Then back to packing.

Happy Ending by The Phoenix Foundation was my soundtrack yesterday when I was filling up my suitcase. Especially I love this song, Gandalf. Seems suitable, since he’s a synonym of a journey and adventure, according to The Hobbit.

Full gig here.


I had my last radio show on local radio on Monday and on Wednesday was my last school board meeting I attended to. I’m quitting my jobs, closing everything down.

I got an eVisitor, a visa to Australia. That was very quick!
I bought an external hard drive, which should be very useful. It doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be very selective as far as taking photos is concerned.
I picked up my international driving license.
I got my Police Certificate.

These are all necessary things, but the biggest question is, where am I’m going to stay? It’s actually connected with a question, what am I going to be doing there? And then when it’s decided, I should look around for hostels. No time to wait and be picky.

I wanted to get a YHA card and went to a local tourist agency. A woman behind her desk shook her head and said with a resigned voice and great Polish accent the exact words, “Olsztyn City” (a town about 50 km from my hometown). Great, this is what I expected.

This is what I got from my fellow teachers. There are signatures from all of them on the other side.
Feel free to interpret it however you like! 🙂

I’m cleaning up my laptop to give it to the service. Oh, how I’ll be missing you!…

one month

Last Wednesday was the end of a school year and it marked the beginning of my last month in Poland. On 22nd July, I’m flying to London for a few days, then on 1st August I’m leaving Europe and flying to Australia for a month and on September 1st, the first day of school in my country, I’m landing in Auckland, New Zealand. I don’t have any plans except for watching live four rugby matches during the Rugby World Cup 2011.

I’m a horrible pessimist, so writing this schedule makes me scared that it won’t work out and I’ll be late for a plane or forget about some important documents and won’t be able to enter my “promised land”. Or something else. The possibilities are endless. BUT it works the other way too, that’s why we still leave our houses with hope that something good will happen to us…

…like these flowers from my students. I’ll be missing them. Not the flowers. The students.
Well, some of them.