I’ve been deep in my thoughts recently about friendship, disappointment (mainly with myself), addictions, debt, forgiveness, God, love, freedom and on Monday G. took me to Woody Point here in Redcliffe to show me a shipwreck of Gayundah. It was like a warning not to drift away and finish like that ship, I thought.

It was a very windy and rainy day and we managed to avoid a bigger shower of rain, but we couldn’t escape from the strong wind along the coast and drops of water from the ocean. My face was all salty when we got back home.

But it wasn’t the end of the shipwreck theme.

In the afternoon I met my other friend who is studying at the Crossway College at the Mueller Church and he said I could come and listen to some lectures with him the next day. Because I’m an eternal student, I got enthusiastic about that idea and the last two days I spent sitting in a classroom and studying Old and New Testament. It was great to remember my time at the Seminary.

So what about that shipwreck? During the New Testament classes, we were studying Paul’s third mission trip and in Acts 27:9-44 there was a story of how Paul and his friends and all crew survived a shipwreck. The lecturer used that story to show God’s sovereignty vs. man’s responsibility. God promised no one will be killed, although the ship will be destroyed (v. 22). In that situation you would either rest and do nothing or help God in saving your life and run away from the ship. But here comes man’s responsibility in making decision to trust God or not, because no one could leave the ship (v. 31).

My main lesson learnt, in one sentence, was that I should stay in Christ, not to run away and end up like that ship.

If you’re reading this, I hope you’re not feeling offended I’m writing about God here, because it’s still my travel, in a different dimension, though.

Back to more familiar dimension. I’m flying to New Zealand in a week! When I mention about this to Aussies, they say I’ll get over it or some just roll their eyes. One student showed me the door today, when I said I’m an All Blacks supporter. 😀