Dave Dobbyn and Don McGlashan at Union Chapel

Going fast forward and we’re in early December. Non-Kiwi readers may ask ‘who on Earth Dave Dobbyn and Don McGlashan are?’ and I would have asked the same question if I wasn’t into NZ music that much. To be honest, I found out about Dave Dobbyn’s existence about three years ago, when Flight of the Conchords invited him to sing with them in a charity song “Feel inside (and stuff like that)” (the song starts from 10:15, but it’s worth to watch the interviews with the kids). He was big in the 80’s and now he’s a legend in Kiwi music industry.

Don McGlashan is another Kiwi music giant, whose career started in the 80’s as one half of a music/theatre duo The Front Lawn. Now he plays solo and with a band called The Seven Sisters in which plays Chris O’Connor, the drummer of my favourite NZ band, The Phoenix Foundation. So as you can see, everything is somehow connected with either Conchords or TPF.

Two great Kiwis in London was something not to be missed, even if I didn’t know all their songs, but I knew it’d be a fun evening. And I did very much enjoy the concert. Union Chapel was full of Kiwis singing along the songs they knew for more than 20 years.

For me, the highlight was The Front Lawn’s song ‘Andy’. A few years ago, back in my small home town, when I was listening to this song and loving it, if someone told me that I would hear it live some day performed by Don McGlashan himself, I’d say that person was crazy… or I’d want to know how and when it would happen. Amazing what twists and turns life can take, even when it seems like nothing happens, when we look from a short distance. It was quite an emotional moment when I recognized the song and I don’t know how I managed to record it.

I was absolutely impressed by Don and his multi-instrumental skills!

The first part of the show was just them two playing each other’s songs and for the second part they were joined by two more musicians. Here’s Dave Dobbyn’s ‘Whaling’ with the complete band.

You did notice the Christmas Tree in the left corner? Yes, holiday was just round the corner.

6 December, 2013