Polish Christmas in England

So, as you pobably remember, I ended up in London on Christmas. It was my first Christmas ever spent outside of Poland. This thought makes me sad.

For Poles, it’s the Christmas Eve the most important time of the holiday and we have special supper with 12 various maigre dishes on the table. They are usually fish or sauerkraut. When I think of Christmas at home, my favourite dishes and something what I can’t imagine Christmas Eve supper without are pierogi with sauerkraut and dry wild mushrooms filling and kutia. We tried to keep the tradition live as a team in the kitchen and I think we did pretty well:

1 borscht,
2 carp
3 fried pierogi with sauerkraut and mushrooms filling,
4 boiled pierogi with sauerkraut and mushrooms filling,
5 sauerkraut with mushrooms,
6 potatoes
7 fish Greek style (although the Greek don’t know this recipe)
8 bread
9 vegetable salad
10 coulibiac
11 herring in oil
12 kutia

We had so much food, that we finished eating it two days later.

Between eating and sleeping, we watched a couple of movies. In fact… there were quite a lot of movies. We wanted to avoid some sweet and traditional Christmas stories, so my sister found something totally different, but still Christmasy themed. If you’ve got enough of American Kevins or British Love Actuallys, try Finnish “Rare Export: A Christmas Tale“. You’ll love it. 😀

Later we stayed in the Skandinavian climate and watched the first Swedish version of Stieg Larsson’s trilogy’s film adaptations, which start with “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” from 2009. Yes, the same title and story as the one with Daniel Craig which had its premiere this December. The Swedish films are new and really, really good and the only reason why the US is making the American version is to have them in English and with Hollywood stars.

Daniel Craig has already got my trust and I know he’ll play Mikael Blomkvist with more guts than the Swedish actor, Michael Nyqvist. That guy was a complete looser and moron and was getting on my nerves. My sister, on the other hand, was defending him saying that he was more real and Craig will be too James Bond. Maybe she’s right, but I still prefer Daniel. However we both agreed about an absolutely brilliant performance of Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander and Rooney Mara will have to put a lot of efford to convince me to her play.

The trilogy was pretty heavy, so later we watched some more lighter movies, mostly with Steve Carell or/and Ryan Gosling. In the meantime, I was uploading some photos on my photoblog and also decided that I don’t want to wait till the end of January to go to Poland and bought one more plane ticket. I’m flying back home tomorrow morning. I feel that my long journey will finally end there and I’ll be able to start another one back from “square 1”.

So yeah, hopefully this post is the last one from England this year. 😉

sometimes you just want to stay at home and watch films

Yeah, I had a lazy Monday. Both guys went to work and I wasn’t in the mood for exploring the area (I’ll have plenty of time to do that), so I watched the first series of Ricky Gervais’s Extras, went to buy some stuff at the shopping centre near our home and in the evening, when G. and then P. came back, we watched some TV. It’s starting to get to me where I am, when on the news they talk about Aborigines and the first place they show you during the weather forecast is Australia.

Today I also had my first homesick moment. When I was going through the shelves in a shop and checking out the prices of food here and how expensive it is and how I’ll have to be careful with my money in NZ and then I remembered a full fridge at home in Poland and saw an elderly couple doing the shopping together, I pictured my parents doing that and I started to miss them very much at that moment. I think I need to make a proper dinner tomorrow to console myself!