Fly My Pretties – my own birthday present

I started celebrating my birthday on Saturday, even though it was on Monday. I had bought a ticket for the Fly My Pretties IV show before I came to New Zealand. The ticket was pretty expensive, $91.50, but I could have never hoped that they would play when I’m in New Zealand, so as soon as they announced their tour dates and I saw their Wellington concert was close to my birthday, I thought it would be a nice present for myself.

SATURDAY, 19th November

The concert was in the evening and I didn’t want to go wearing one of my t-shirts. After breakfast I went to look for something nicer to wear that evening. There were many second hand shops near Cuba Street and even The Fringe Bar was open for vintage clothes market. I bought a black shirt for $4 and a pretty dress for $20. I wore the shirt, because my burnt in Kaikoura shoulders weren’t ready for the dress yet.

Doors were open at 7 pm and the show was to start at 8 pm. They were late about 20 min. I had heard that Jemaine from FOTC was in Wellington and I was wondering if he would came to the show. Just in case, I was looking around before the show and during the intermission and to my surprise, I saw Bret instead! I knew he had been in the US for The Muppets premiere a few days before and I was happy to see him already back in New Zealand.

The concert was amazing. I was sitting in the third row. We couldn’t take any photos, but there is a great set in FMP’s facebook album, so take a look.

Every new project by Fly My Pretties is something to look forward to, because it’s a great collaboration of different New Zealand musicians with various musical background and the result is always unique. The shows are recorded and a few months later there’s a new album & DVD released. Now you can understand why I was so excited to be part of their history and at the show, after first two songs I finally realised that I was watching FMP live!

Part One was a set of 16 new songs which will be on their new album released in February next year. I had my favourites, mostly more peaceful ones like “Apple Heart” by L.A. Mitchell, “Three Feathers” by Amiria Grenell or “I Am Gone” by Flip Grater. But the most important song for me was Barnaby Weir’s “Journeys End”. I took it very personal. I had been away from home for four months, had spent three months travelling around New Zealand, just got back from the South Island and was wondering what next and when Barnaby introduced his song, I thought he was talking to and about me. I got the answer.

During Part Two they played songs from their previous albums. It’ll be always my dream to hear “Champion” or “Quiet Girl” live and it didn’t happen at that concert, but I was almost equally glad to hear “Old Friend” or “Lucky”. It was also really nice that they sang “All The Goodness” which was co-written by Bret McKenzie and since he was in the audience, I was wondering how he felt hearing it.

The concert finished at about midnight and I rushed to San Francisco Bath House, because Flying Nun had their 30th Anniversary Tribute Show and some bands played tribute songs. The Phoenix Foundation was one of them and I was wondering what songs they had chosen, but unfortunately by the time I got there, they had already finished playing. It was a short set of four songs and an enchore. But the band members were still around in the bar, so I got to talk to some of them and said goodbye. Luke, before he left, sang me a few lines of Pulp’s “Sylvia”.

I didn’t know that song, and he made me feel special. And he didn’t know that I was celebrating my birthday, so even it was so random, I took it as another birthday gift. Then I got long hugs from Richie and Tom, finished listening to Glass Vaults and went back to the backpackers. Satisfied.

let’s fly away

My legs hurt, because I was walking in Richmond Park for about three hours yesterday. But it’s good, since I’ll be sitting for 24 hours in a plane having just 2 hour change at Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I’m leaving tonight evening and should be at 6:40 a.m. in Brisbane, Australia on August 3rd. It looks like I’ll be travelling for more than a day, but in fact I’m loosing one night travelling east. I wonder how my body will react if I decide to stay awake for the next day. Or maybe I’ll just fall asleep without even noticing it. At the moment I don’t have any butterflies in my stomach. I’m just excited that this is finally happening. AND I’VE JUST BOUGHT A TICKET FOR FLY MY PRETTIES IN WELLINGTON IN NOVEMBER! I was really hoping to see them live, but didn’t have much hope and they’ve just released dates! I thought it’d be nice to treat myself with this kind of birthday present.

OK, so that’s it! Till the next time from down under. 😉