Stewart Island

SUNDAY, 6th November

Sunday was much more ‘productive’ and the weather was better. It rained sometimes, but there was some sun.

I went for a walk to Horseshoe Bay along the track. Some kids were having fun in the rain.

An obligatory road sign

Horseshoe Bay Point, the view on Foveaux Strait

Horseshoe Bay, should be rather called Horsepoo Bay, because of the stink of the sea plants

The first living creatures apart from the birds I met

Entry to the National Park. According to some Maori legends, Stewart Island is an anchor stone of Maui’s boat which is the South Island and that sculpture represents the connection between those two islands.

Lee Bay

the Park

on the way back – phone booth, not working though

I was walking for about 7 hours and on the way back I was just thinking of the fish burger from Kai Kart.

There was pub quiz at South Sea Hotel at 6:30 pm, but I was too tired to go and late anyway, so I just chilled out under the dry roof of the hostel and watched some more movies.