January opened my theatre year

New Year’s Eve 2013 was very low key. I spent it with my brother and his girlfriend at some friends’ and nicely went to work on the next day.

I didn’t have many plans for 2014 and I didn’t want to waste another year in London without moving forward or out, but before I noticed the year was over. It was a pretty difficult year, which I finished a bit depressed, but after having some rest during Christmas at my parents’ home, I started 2015 with the resolution to be a little positive. Maybe if I look at the highlights of the past year, I’ll be able to see its bright sides?

Last year, I saw twice as many theatre plays as concerts. Only in January I went to see two plays. First, it was Henry V at Noel Coward Theatre with Jude Law. I bought the ticket way in advance. It was cheap, because it was in the balcony, so I could see Jude’s bays on his forehead quite clearly. 😉 I took a sneaky photo before the play started.

2014-01-08 14.27.12

I was putting away the decision of buying a ticket to see Fortune’s Fool at the Old Vic with Iain Glen who plays Jorah, Daenerys Targaryen’s right hand in Game of Thrones. But when I left Noel Coward Theatre and having still in mind how much I enjoyed Henry V, I finally bought the ticket. On the next day I found out that Iain Glen stopped playing the main character in Fortune’s Fool, because of his doctor’s advice and someone else took over his role. It was so unfortunate. The other actor wasn’t as good as I would imagine Iain could be. I’ll never know.

The good thing about that evening was, though, that I bought a cheap ticket, because it was a seat behind a pillar. Luckily, almost the whole row was empty, so when the play started, I could move to the centre and see everything very clearly. The stage was huge and they built a great scenography of a house and the garden at the back.
2014-01-18 20.41.15

When the play finished its run, the Old Vic has been transformed. The stage has been lowered and made round with the audience sitting around the stage. Quite a popular trend I’ve noticed in theatres recently with Young Vic and Trafalgar Studios as another examples.

So that was the first small bump at the beginning of my year – I went to see an actor and found out that he wasn’t in the play anymore. My next post will start the story of my trip to Israel, and the beginning wasn’t easy at all.