Cambridge & Ely

The first weekend of 2013 was my only weekend off out of manager’s initiative while working at PAUL (and I worked for them for 10 months). As soon as I saw it on my rota before Christmas, I knew I had to get away from the city. I got in touch with my friend from Staffordshire who gets itchy feet just like me and we tried to figure out where it would be the best to go. Initially, I was thinking of Belfast, but it had to be somewhere close to both of us, since it was just a weekend outing. I’m glad we didn’t go there, because there were riots on the streets of Belfast that weekend.

I hadn’t been to Cambridge yet, she hadn’t visited that city for a long time as well as her friend who joined us, so after spending the Friday evening on January 4th at her place, we hit the road the next morning. My friend had booked an accommodation outside of Cambridge, so we decided to park the car on Park ‘n’ Ride, go to the city centre by bus, do the touristy things and then come back in the evening and find our Travelodge. The weather was cloudy at first, but after lunch at Auntie’s Tea Shop the sky cleared up and we could enjoy some sun and luckily, it rained just a little bit at the end of the weekend. Because one day was enough to visit Cambridge, on Sunday we went to see Ely (about 20km from Cambridge) and the mighty Ely Cathedral (to my and Wikipedia’s knowledge, Cambridge does not have a cathedral). The day was foggy, the Cathedral looked beautiful and spooky and it was interesting to have a history lesson from the British puritanism and witness what Oliver Cromwell left or rather didn’t leave after his reign.

We spent the Sunday late afternoon in Cambridge visiting Fitzpatrick Museum and in the evening I caught a train back to London.