WIUO EP Release Party

THURSDAY, 6th October

I hope you already know who Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra are. I had bought a ticket on their 4th EP Release Party on 7th October while I was still in Australia, but I managed to swap it on the 6th, when I found out that they added another show. Now I could go and see The Phoenix Foundation playing in the Fanzone on Friday, but with the cost of not seeing Barnaby Weir and Anika Moa playing at the Garden Club on Thursday. Their other shows later this month are already on the South Island and I’m not going there yet. Maybe I needed some laughter after so many grey days and I’m afraid Barnaby and Anika would get me deeper into the dark mood. And so, the more I listen to my recording, the more I love that evening and realize how great time I had then.

Supporting act: Adam Page. He was amazing. He’s an Australian who decided to live in Wellington, which is quite unusual. It was just him, a couple instruments and a mixer.

But he said his favourite instrument was his beard.

Beard song and improvised Rebecca Hoogan (should be Coogan, but he missheard the surname)

Then after the break, WIUO came on stage and with banters between the songs (Age and Gemma were the leaders there), they played some older songs first and then after the break they played their new EP from the beginning to the end plus two enchores. I’m not going to give you the setlist, because I want you to enjoy it while listening as if you were there.

Age trashing the stool

And then looked very apologizing

with John McDougall, the author of “Raylene”

And after the gig, I collected all of their signatures except from Dan’s. He didn’t come out later. Maybe he didn’t feel well. If you listen to the recording, you’ll know why.

They’re the most lovely people I’ve ever met.