Upper Galilee and Golan Heights

Let’s get on with it, shall we? For anyone who’s just ‘tuned in’, I’ll just explain that on average once a year I blog about my travels, shows and plays I go to. I do it more often than blog about it, hence the delay. This post is still about my trip to Israel I did last year.

Day 2 – 5th February 2014

From Tiberias, we went North to Tel Dan and then Banias, where the ruins of an ancient city of Cezarea Philippi are, shopping at the Winery and Olea Essence, lunch in Kartzenit, then down to the very south of the Sea of Galilee to Yardenit and an evening walk in Tiberias.

The Sea of Galilee

I wanted to post about my Israel trip every day on the first anniversary of being in those places, but it didn’t work out – long hours at work.

To continue the story after all, once we arrived in Israel, everything went rather smoothly and we didn’t have any more frustrating adventures which would fall on my head. I fell over once with my small camera, but it wasn’t very serious.

Every day had its usual drill. We would wake up at 6:30am, breakfast at 7am, get on the coach at 8am and come back for dinner at 6pm. Sometimes we had something organised in the evening, but mostly we would rest and relax.

First two nights we stayed at Astoria Hotel in Tiberias, then one night at Kalia kibbutz by the Dead Sea, two nights at Adi Hotel in Eilat and finally four nights at Mt Scopus Hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 1 – 4th Feb: Following the footsteps of Jesus around the Sea of Galilee: Korazim National Park, Mt Beatitudes, Tabgha, Capernaum, a boat trip on the Sea and via Magdala a short walk in The Valley of the Doves. Before going back to the hotel we stopped by to buy some dates, halva, herbs and spices.