Villagers at Heaven, Under the Arches

Less than a week after my trip to Lincoln, I went to see Villagers live.

Villagers - screencap

Villagers is Conor O’Brien’s band, whom I saw at Barbican, where he shared the stage with and overshadowed (in my humble opinion) Glen Hansard. I bought both albums soon after that and was hoping to see the whole band performing in the nearest future. The opportunity came up, when one day on my way home from work, I saw their poster on Heaven’s door. I didn’t knock, but I went online, double checked the date if it wasn’t an old poster from their previous tour and bought a ticket right away a few months before the actual event.

Their supporting band was We Were Evergreen. I didn’t film them, but they were very good and you should check them out. There are plenty of videos on YouTube with them.

We Were Evergreen

So as with the Villagers. 🙂

Seeing Conor O’Brien solo just with his guitar vs. Conor with his band are quite different experiences and it was interesting to see both sides of this artist. This time there was not much of melancholy or shyness, but thanks to the power the rest of the band members were giving him, he was full of energy or even some rebellion. They gave an amazing performance and the same songs Conor played in Barbican, were like new when I heard them in Heaven.

I would love to see them again sometime.

This concert was on 7 November, 2013.

A Scream and an Outrage at Barbican Hall

I know that I had already seen Glen Hansard live, but when he posted a link on his facebook to this event, I thought it would be interesting to listen to his songs played together with an orchestra.

A Scream and an Outrage (10-12 May) was a festival curated by Nico Muhly, an American composer and arranger (he did the music to The Reader with Kate Winslet). The concert I went to was one of the six sessions of the Festival. The Barbican described that evening as being “dedicated to composers whose music ignores the divide between classical and non-classical.” More about it on the Barbican website.

I went to see Glen, but in fact that evening I discovered Conor O’Brien. Sorry Villagers’ fans it took me so long!

When I saw this short boyish Irish singer coming on stage and singing Beatitudes, he got my full attention, but the emotional knock out was when he sang Nothing Arrived. With these few words, he described my pessimistic approach to everything based on my experience.

I had a seat very close to the exit and an usher, so I couldn’t film anything, but someone sitting closer to the stage filmed Conor’s another beautiful song.

Of course, Glen Hansard was brilliant, but after Mr O’Brien, not much left in me. But I’m pretty sure this person who filmed this song got very emotional. Just listen.

My best photo from that evening.


If you’re interested in getting the audio of both performances, just follow this link.

Oh, by the way, tomorrow I’m seeing The Villagers live. That was a long wait after buying the ticket months ago.