Poluzjanci at Palladium, Warszawa

Polucjanci, Palladium

Poluzjanci were one of my favourite Polish bands back in my twenties, but I hadn’t had the chance to see them live when I was still in Poland. What a great coincidence that was, when I saw they were performing just two days after Dylan and in the same place as him. Again, I went with my sister and her boyfriend. Poluzjanci’s songs are mostly about love and all that romantic stuff, so me and my sis loved the show while for B. there was too much sugar and he couldn’t wait until the concert was over. He couldn’t stand the vocalist (who was pretty handsome) and he hated him even more when my sister told B. he sometimes looked like him. LOL.

After the concert, Jola said she finally got the sense of living in Warsaw. This was a cool place to be and we were cool, because we were there. We were sitting in the 3rd row, behind us there was sitting Tatiana Okupnik, an ex-vocalist of Blue Cafe, another cool Polish band (by the way, my ex-housemate said she used to be in his old band as well) and she sits on the Polish X Factor jury and just a few seats to the centre, there was sitting Aleksandra Kwasniewska, the daughter of ex-President of Poland. She’s actually the vocalist’s wife, so her presence was justified.

Enough about the audience and gossips. Back to what was happening on stage. Poluzjanci played a lot of new songs, but I was waiting for the ones from their first album, which I love the most. Sorry they’re in Polish, but I hope you’ll enjoy them anyway.

One of the fun moments was, when at one point, the drummer sat down behind a mini drum kit and the bass player took out a home made bass guitar. How it sounded, you can check out in this video.


As I had said, I liked the concert and it was worth the wait. But it wasn’t the only thing I was enjoying that weekend that I had to wait for quite a few years… t.b.c.

11 October, 2013

Warsaw / Warszawa, Poland

A month after my last post, I’m writing about what happened on the next day. The fact that I’m back blogging is a good sign, because since February I didn’t have a week when I didn’t stress out over anything. Now my days have settled down and I can finally catch up on my Internet stuff.

Just recently, I came up with this idea to see the capitals of Europe. I don’t know how I’m going to do that, whether it’s going to be one trip through Europe or if I should divide Europe into parts and see them in a few tours or take plenty of 2-3 day trips, every time to a different city. I’ll have to do some research.

In the meantime, I can already tick the capital of Poland off. Even though I had lived there for 8 years, every time I visit it now, I see the city in a different way. I miss Warsaw, but I think I miss it from my student years. The capital keeps changing and yet it saves its own character. My regular place I usually go to is E. Wedel’s Chocolate Lounges. I haven’t found anything like that here in London. It’s a great place to meet up and catch up with friends while having a wide variety of thick hot chocolate to drink. And this is what I did on the next day afternoon and then in the evening we took a stroll along Krakowskie Przedmiescie and Old Town. I noticed there were many milkbars with cheap, but very delicious home-made food – something I was missing years ago.

On Friday, the weather was beautiful and perfect to admire famous golden Polish autumn in The Park and Palace of King Jan III’s at Wilanów. Before the sunset, my sister and me headed to Praga quarter to have dinner at my friend’s restaurant Himalayamomo which specializes in Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine and then we went to the city centre, to the very same venue as two days before to see another concert… t.b.c.

10-11 October, 2013